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Tips for Success

Our tutors can help you with the following…

  • 1) Assess your needs

    Work together with you to see what is needed for you to be successful in the course

  • 2) Make a plan

    For how you are going to study for your test or exam with definite time lines in mind

  • 3) Follow the plan

    Work with you to achieve your goals

Other general tips:

  • Discuss material with a classmate
  • Have weekly discussion groups
  • Make use of previous tests and exams
  • Make use of any office hours the professor may have
  • Have a separate sheet of paper in your notes for instructor exam hints given throughout course
  • Reproduce the exam environment where you study
  • Study at the same time as the exam each day (if possible)
  • Consider your health/diet
  • Emotional well being. Try to minimize or eliminate possible threats to your peace of mind

Specific to math and science courses:

  • Work backwards! Your energy when studying will be highest when you first start so do the hardest material (usually the last chapter). Then work toward the beginning chapters. You will find using this technique helpful since you will have covered the more complicated material when you had the most energy and more able
    to focus
    Many students have used this technique with our tutors to achieve success.

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